Detroit Auto Show Preview: The Mercedes-Benz Vision GL 420 BLUETEC

It's no secret DaimlerChrysler is investing heavily in the diesel market here in the U.S., already introducing a BLUETEC Mercedes-Benz E-Class model to American consumers along with CDI versions of the M-, R- and GL- Class. To further highlight their commitment to diesel, a fuel that the latest J.D. Power study 'Global Outlook For Diesel' forecasts will power more than 15 percent of new vehicles sold in North America by 2015, DaimlerChrysler has revealed today the Vision GL 420 BLUETEC, a concept based closely on the current Mercedes GL420. Boasting a powerful diesel V8 engine developing 290 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque, the Vision GL 420 BLUETEC manages to combine power and fuel efficiency, with fuel consumption expected to weigh in at an impressive 24 miles per gallon. In addition, thanks to its clean diesel technology, the Vision GL 420 complies with the stringent BIN 5 emission standard, easily placing it among the cleanest diesels in the world.


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