The New Mercedes C-Class: Superlative Ride Comfort Based On Digital Prototypes

It's no secret the release of the next-generation, 2008 Mercedes-Benz C- Class is imminent, with each passing day bringing us a step closer to the unveiling of what will likely become the most successful C-Class lineup in history. But rather than subjecting you to the pains of waiting for the aforementioned C with nary a bit information given to you, oh eager consumers, Mercedes has instead taken a different approach, extensively documenting both the planning and testing stages of the new model; publishing it; and thus giving you a exhaustively in-depth look at what into the making of the new C-Class - even before its world premier. Not quite as as exciting as the C's official unveiling will be, I know, but in addition to a number of photos revealing various parts of the next C- Class undisguised (such as the bodyshell pictured above), it really is quite astounding to read how technologically-advanced the process of creating a vehicle has become.


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