Mercedes-Benz At Auto China 2008: The New Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Brimming with genuine character, the new GLK-Class is set to take the world of compact SUVs by storm. Yet it is not just the distinctive all- rounder's practical and appealingly compact body form that sets it apart from the competition. It also brings together what were previously seen as entirely contradictory attributes. The Agility Control suspension serves up a unique blend of outstanding handling dynamics, exceptional driving safety and superlative ride comfort. Meanwhile the sophisticated, variable 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system joins forces with the latest electronic control systems to deliver consummate on-road performance and superb off- road suitability. It is precisely this kind of combination that lends the GLK-Class such immense appeal. The GLK-Class may be one of the more road- oriented Mercedes-Benz SUVs, but the 'G' - alluding to the archetypal Mercedes off-roader - still has a rightful place in the model name.


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